WPM Media onsite at live event in Vancouver, BC

Words, Pictures and Music Inc. – “WPM” – is a corporate video and media communications agency that provides messaging through the art and science of words that inform, pictures that captivate and music that inspires. These components that influence the way people think, feel and ultimately, behave.

WPM Media’s collaborative team of professionals have decades of training and experience in audio, video, strategic communication and public releations. Our team has the passion to develeop a deep understanding of your brand – essential in terms of increasing awareness of your brand storyand loyalty of your own audience.

WPM Media has worked with Indigenous, non profit, corporate and government organizations. We have carefully built a network of relationships and contributed to many major campaigns in partnership with other creative agencies.  Much of our current focus is in support of Truth & Reconciliation for our Indigenous, Métis and Inuit relatives.

WPM Media is known in the video production industry for our commitment to our clients’ mission, but step one is always understanding your vision – the WHY of what it is your organization is passionate about. Our expertise in communication and public relations sets us apart from most video production agencies.

WPM Media works with heart and mind.  We have a great passion and respect for the land and rivers, the forests and the sea on this land where we have been so fortunate to work.

Our great passion and experience in working outdoors has been developed by working on projects that have included filming salmon spawning underwater, on rivers and estuaries with salmon fry or delicate ecology, and in the jungles of Haiti.  Our success out in the field is based not only on our experience, but our approach to every project we undertake which always start with a respect for the environment as well as the people who inhabit the area.

Our diverse client base includes Pacific Salmon Foundation, Semiahmoo First Nation, SFU Surrey Campus, Travelers Financial, Sunbelt Business Brokers, National Bank Financial, Canadian Wheelchair Foundation, City of Surrey, City of White Rock, Deloitte, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, and others.

The power of the written word is considerable.  But is it mightier than the sword?  Yes!   Let us craft a message that will influence your audience.

The power of the spoken or written word depends not only on the words themselves, but the ideas they convey.  And how many people they reach. And what the call to action is.

WPM Media’s writing services include creative copy and scripts for your video or ad campaign as well as content for newsletters and websites, and SEO writing, which is the art and science of using key words and phrases to profile your brand and message on the world wide web.


Our videos and photos have helped individuals and organizations reach their target audience, tell their story and increase their credibility.  We can produce projects of any size and we pride ourselves on helping our clients reach their goals and keep to their budgets.


Besides making us want to dance sing, and even get up in the morning, music delivers emotion, attaches experiences to long term memory and commands attention – consciously and subconsciously.

Music provides a rhythm for video editing.  The right music will increase the listener’s / viewer’s general awareness of your message, emphasize key aspects of it and even distinguish your brand.

WPM Media can help select or produce the right music for your ad, video, marketing campaign or event.