Shooting video is more than holding an iPhone or capturing footage from a camera. It is the art and sign of composing a scene, setting up lighting or accounting for natural lite, acoustics, mics, background noise, and audio levels.  WPM Media has decades of experience shooting video and engineering audio and lighting, ensuring that your footage is professional and impactful.

WPM Media Inc. is an acronym for Words, Pictures and Media – named to represent our expertise in terms of scripting, shooting/filming, audio recording and music curation as well as music production.

Words, Pictures & Music Video Production


This is the most important part of the project and ensures that the project meets objectives, timelines and budgets.

Pre-production is the phase before any shooting takes place.  Even the smallest projects go through a creative development and planning process that incorporates script writing, key messaging, speakers, location and logistics. We take your objective(s) and ensure that every element incorporated into the project is a tactical piece of meeting said objective(s).  This ensures that the filmed product meets your need on time and on budget. 


Lights! Camera! Action!  And it’s show time! 

In film and video, production refers to the filming and recording process. 

WPM not only has expertise with shooting video in the great outdoors (land, water and air) using digitally stable audio and 4K video on land and under water, but also with drone footage. 

Drone Footage:  We work with local experts to ensure compliance with Transport Canada, including legal liability minutia and technical details.  We are also very sensitive to the safety of the ecology, wildlife and people in the areas we work in.  

Green Screen:

Video editing and incorporation of motion graphics, animation, green screen compositing and file formatting.  It is important to format the final product so that it is best suited for all your viewing needs and DVD authoring

The cost to produce professional videos will vary.  Your budget is the starting point and will ultimately determine the creative vision and therefore the time and technical requirements of the project.  The ROI (return on investment) of a quality video will pay dividends in terms of enhancing your brand and overall image.

4K video Production

We challenge ourselves to excel in all aspects of video production and most importantly, we take pride in our work and enjoy what we are doing. Not only do we want you to be proud of the video we produce, we want to be proud of the project as well.

We are committed to providing a superior product and services at the highest level of quality and professionalism.

We appreciate being given the opportunity to quote on your projects and are grateful for the trust that is placed in our work.